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Comic Book – Buy List

Yes! we buy items in this category!

Prices listed are for Items in near mint / like new condition.
We will offer a lower rate for items in lesser condition, if it is a title we believe we can sell.
Damage Condition Comics and items that we feel that we can't sell will not receive an offer.


When you bring us collection for sell, Please...

- Remove comics from binders and Hard Shell Covers (unless it's a really valuable comic)
- Make sure they face the same direction. 
- Please Sort Your Comics by Title & Number!


The more work you put into a collection the better return you will get.

      If you make us have to work to sort through a collection it will affect the price drastically.
If you bring us a random collection in baggies or tossed boxes with items in every direction, or collections that appear to be severely damaged we may refuse to view the collection until it is cleaned up and organized.


Whats Your Stuff worth?

      Price research can be a tedious task. and comics are not worth as much as you think.
It is a good idea for you to do a little research before taking an item or a collection to anyone to sell. So you have an idea of what to ask for.



      What people don’t realize is the average shelf life of a comic, its prime selling time is the week it comes out. Take Superman for example. There is a new one every week, and sometimes 2. So a person who collects superman, is buying a new comic every week. They make a lot of filler comics just to meet deadlines. Stories can run for months if not a year at a time and nothing really happens. KEY issues are when something actually happens and they are few and far between.
Plus the digatal age is kiling comic sales. many of the publishers are making there entire comic histort comics available to download...

We do not dig through collections looking for your gems...


Our Current Comic Buy Prices...

Unsorted Collections 15¢ Per Pound
Marvel & DC - Major Super Hero Lines with a cover price 2.49 or More 25¢ per pound
Comics with a cover price 60¢ or more at 20¢ per pound
Comic Books with a cover price 15¢ to 50¢ at $1.00 per pound
Comic Books with a cover price 2¢ to 14 ¢ at $2.00 per pound
Trade Paper Backs – 15 - 20% of cover Price

BUY Prices listed are for Items in near mint / like new condition.  we will buy comics in other conditions we offer FINE CONDITION at 50% GOOD CONDITION at 20%

 We manly Buy Comics In BULK! We do keep a list of  titles we are Looking for and  paying a premium for.


Currently we are Offering a premium Buy Price on:

Marvel & DC Trade Paper Back – Main Stream Titles
Issues of the Walking Dead
Issues of the Evergreen titles such as Sandman, LXG, and Watchmen
Sealed IDW Magic comics with promos.

Key Issues will be priced on a case by case basis and only if you've separated them from the rest of the collection. we are mostly offering trade toward other comics. We can offer to Consign an item for you.

Why so little?

     Most comic shops and dealers will cherry pick a collection. If you walk in with 100 comics, They'll pick out 1 or 2 of your books, and offer you a fraction of their selling price, and pass on the rest.
After we buy a collection, we need to Inventory it, Price it, Collate it into our collection. and take time to list it. It takes a lot of man hours for items that have probably not gone up in value.We Buy Comics In BULK! The good with the bad.

If you think that’s not enough for your comics

We offer Consignment options for valuable comics.
There are many things other things you can do with a collection: Give them to a kid to enjoy, send them to the troops, donate them to charity, and enjoy a tax write-off; you could spend countless hours piecing off a collection going from store-to-show or listing them online. But, you will soon discover its a lot of work for little return. The upside to selling in bulk is that we'll buy basically anything, as long as its in good shape. We take the risk of it not selling and we do all the work.


if you have any questions please call us 618.345.6453.  and to see if we are actively buying comics at the time

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