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Video Games – Buy List

Yes! we buy items in this category!

Our Buy Guide for this category is Coming Soon!

Prices listed are for Items in near mint and light use condition.
We may offer a lower rate for items in lesser condition, if we believe we can still sell them.
Damage Condition items that we feel that we can't sell will not receive offers and be absorbed into the collection as a whole.

When you bring us collection for sell, please

- Remove cards from binders and card sleeves and make sure they face the same direction.
- Seperate Your cards by Game or sports set
- Clean the Grime off your video games and electronics.
- Sort Your Comics by Title!

If you bring us a random collection in baggies or tosed boxes with items in every direction. Or in discolered and grose boxes. or collections that appear to have water damage and mold. if you make us have to work to look at a collection it will affect the price or we may refuse to view the collection until it is cleaned up and organized.

There are currently no products to display within this category!