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Ablaze! includes three separate games:

Wild Fire! - re-works the original Feurio! design, in which players are firefighters trying to contain a spreading wildfire. The fire is created turn by turn as players reveal tiles and place each new tile next to what’s currently the hottest part of the fire. Players use their firefighters to cover as much area as possible, while also staying connected to a water source.

Volcano! - re-implements Vulkan!, which is played with the components of Feurio!. Ablaze! also includes new airplane and volcano tiles. Players control air tankers to drop water in order to extinguish or isolate sections of a fire created by a volcano. Save the most land, and you’ll be the hero.

On the Run! - is played with the same components as the other two games, but with different rules. Lightning has started a brush fire in the forest, and wildlife is fleeing to avoid being fricasseed. Save more animals than anyone else to win.


  • GAMES Magazine Traditional Games 100 list of the 100 best games of 2011

Differences to the previously released games:

Feurio! versus Wild Fire!:

  • Not all tiles are in play — Additional tiles have been provided (another complete set of 1-6 tiles, and an additional "3"). Players may use the original set (6 sets of 1-6), a set without 1s, or a random set, setting aside 7 tiles.
  • Variant "Dry Season" — In this variant the 1-tiles are not used thus lessening the luck factor and allowing a more tactical play.
  • Always round down when scoring points — This was a variant rule in the original version - it is a standard rule now.
  • Improved "firebreak" variant — When placing a firebreak the player is not forced to lose a firefighter any more - he just may not place firefighters in the same turn.

Vulkan! versus Volcano!:

  • The plane and the volcano — There are two new tiles provided for the game to make it more visual and to facilitate play.

Extra Info

Ages: 10 and up
Artist: Franz Vohwinkel, Christopher Wozniak
BGID: 65516
Category: Abstract Strategy, Environmental
Designer: Heinrich Glumpler
Family: Firefighting
Mechanics: Co-operative Play, Modular Board, Simulation, Tile Placement
Primary Name:
Product Title:
Publisher: Mayfair Games
Time: 30 minutes
Year: 2010