Michael Castelli –  Chief Fry Cook
Online Sales / Ordering Manager
Store Specialty: Sports
Contact:  Michael@DizzyDugout.com
Collects:   Unfinished Projects and Opus Christmas Ornaments
Favorite Game:   Doomtown CCG
Likes:   "I enjoy surfing, backgammon and men who aren't afraid to cry"
Dislikes:   Toothpaste from a tube
TV Show:   Arrested Development
Words of Advice/Personal Philosophy:   There are two kinds of people in the world....


Steven Castelli – Chicken soup nozzle repairman
Store Manager / Special Orders/ Media / Buyer
Store Specialty: Games & Research
Contact:   Steven@Dizzydugout.com
Collects:   Muppets, Video Games
Favorite Game:  Munchkin
Likes:   Acting and Tacos
Dislikes:   never ending inventory projects…
TV Show:   Red Dwarf
Words of Advice/Personal Philosophy:
   When all else fails F* it!



William Austin – The Game Guru
Clerk /

Store Specialty: CFG & Yu-Gi-Oh
Contact: William@dizzydugout.com

Collects:   dead card games
Favorite Game:   Kaijudo/Duel Masters, UFS
Likes:   Three Kingdoms China
Dislikes:   Heights
TV Show:   Futurama

Words of Advice/Personal Philosophy:   "Patience is a virtue"


Mirah Guzman – The Counter Wench
Clerk / Custom Art Projects
Store Speciality: Magic & Pokemon
Contact:   Mirah@dizzydugout.com  
Collects: stickers
Favorite game: the legend of zelda majora's mask
likes: hello kitty
dislikes: hot weather, and dried sticky textures
Tv shows: adventure time, breaking bad

Sarah Castelli – The Other Owners Wife
Special Events/ Stay at home Mom / Card Sorter

Collects:   Pocket Dragons
Favorite Game:   Apples to Apples or Legend of Zelda
Likes:   Fairies, cooking, singing, Zelda

Dislikes:   When Zelda cries and I don't know why, shots, 
TV Show:   Hell's Kitchen, Once Upon a Time, Cupcake Wars
Words of Advice/Personal Philosophy:   Life is too short to stress, so cop a squat and stay awhile.