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Welcome to our Buy List!
We Buy - Sell and Trade Every Day!!!
Found Here is a Current List of some of the stuff we are looking For!

Check out the pages to the left for more detailed information on specific topics.
Look below, to get general information how our buy list works, what you can get back,  and our buy list policies.
If you feel we are missing something please let us know!

Pardon our Progress
     We still in the process of web integration and remodling the store so we dont get to udate our buy list as much as we want so prices may not 100% up to date with what we are currently offering or looking for.

This list is meant to show you what we are looking for not necessary what we are paying.
The Prices shown may not be up to date as prices on cards and collectables changes faster than we can possible update it.
When you submit a Buy List list we will evaluate it for current market value and get you the best price we can offer!

Do we pay cash for cards??
     YES! We do pay cash on cards!!!  However, The majority of our spending budget is reserved for New & Sealed Merchandise. If you have a card that you feel is very desirable or that you think we can flip we can flip fast point it out to us.  we deal in a lot of volume and a lot of catagories and may not always know whats hot.  As always, we offer cash on Bulk Collections  that you might not want to work on. everyday.

TRADE BUMP!!! - Currently we are ofering a 28% Trade Bump from the prices listed!


 Thank you

Want to sell us cards? Here's How!

 Some Rules of the house on Trades and Store Credit! (Look closely as they have changed!)

- Cards that we have less than a play set or are very hot may be reserved FOR SALE ONLY.
- You cannot use Store Credit/trade for Cards from a new set until 30 days after its release. (unless you are trading in cards from the same set)
- We reserve the right to refuse any trade.  Especially on hard to replace items.
- Singles Cards Priced Over $35 only 50% of the purchase can be store credit. (unless trading comparable items)
- Single cards can not be trade for factory sealed merchandise
- We try to trade within the same topic (Magic for Magic, YuGiOh for YuGiOh, standard for standard. Unless you are trading in Desirable Cards
- Finally trade towards similarly priced items (IE we will not trade $70 in bulk value cards for 1 $70 card.)*


Bulk Buying – Collection buyouts
No collection is too big or too small. 
The following list is our current buy prices for bulk game cards. The prices listed are for Near Mint/Light Played cards.
The more work you put into sorting your cards. The more you will get out of a collection.
Are you are sorted by set and or alphabetically? 
We offer a premium on collections that are well sorted and ready to drop into our collections. 
Check our buy lists for prices on individual staple cards.
We are prepared to meet or beat competitor’s prices!!!