Custom Game Tokens

Dizzy Dugout Tournament Legal Custom Tokens!!!!

Players are allowed to use anything as a token. So why not up your game and impress your friends
with custom tokens by Treetroll!

What quality are our tokens?

Our Tokens, for the most part, are the same size as standard game cards (available in Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh! and other sizes) .
They are designed to fit nicely in the typical card sleeves.
We individually inner sleeve our tokens with UV-Protection Archival-Quality inner sleeves to keep them safer for you.
Tokens are individually made and cut to insure quality and consistency.
Because these tokens are handmade, there will be minor variations and each card will be slightly different. These are not considered defects but the sign of hand-crafting.

Our tokens are offered 3 diffrent ways:

"Raw Tokens" are high quality digital prints on card stock glossy photo paper.
The back of the tokens generally feature a Dizzy Dugout Logo card back, or event information.


"Finished tokens" are are high Quality Digital prints on a thin glossy stock photo paper .
They are by default, attached to Official Magic The Gathering card giving them and official back
and added sturdiness.
(you may request to have them mounted to other card game cards usually at no additional cost)


"Foil Tokens" are high quality digital prints attached to actual MTG, Yugioh or other CCG foil cards.
giving them a nice foil finish, official backs and added sturdiness.
(you may request to have them mounted to other card game cards ususally at no additional cost)


or choose your favorites from our Premade Stock Tokens below

Stock tokens are printed to order and normally ship out within two business days after payment.
Please note - the tokens may be pictured online with a water mark on the face but will not appear on the actual purchased tokens.

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